3DF Zephyr 4.3

3DF Zephyr 4.3 out now

3D Flow has announced the latest release of 3D Zephyr. It's called "3DF Zephyr 4.3". So 3DF Zephyr is a photogrammetry and 3D modeling software. It means the software can...
Flix 6

Flix 6 release | New features and features enhancements

The latest version of Flix is out now. Let's check it's new features. Foundry has announced the newest version of Flix called "Flix 6". The software has many new features...
Autodesk Maya 2018.5

Autodesk released Maya 2018.5 and Maya LT 2018.5

Still waiting for Maya 2019? well, the bad news is it's not out there yet. instead, Autodesk just released Maya 2018.5 and Maya LT 2018.5 as the latest version...

Photoshop tips | Essential hotkeys for architecture and urban design projects

Knowing the hotkeys in photoshop will always help you to save a lot of time during your projects. Here is some of the essential hotkeys in photoshop. As an urban...
Lumion 9

Lumion 9 | Top new features

The newest version of "Lumion" called Lumion 9 is available now. let's have a look into the new features of Lumion 9. Lumion has always been known to be a...

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